Top 10 Custom Control Strains

Top Ten Custom Control Strains

Since we launched our Custom Solutions program for environmental isolates and objectionable organisms in 2011, the most common strains have remained remarkably consistent. Even as the customers we serve (and the products they manufacture) have become increasingly diversified, the top…
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The Challenges of Mycoplasma Testing for USP <63> Compliance


As the use of cell lines to produce biopharmaceuticals continues to increase, Mycoplasma testing is a growing quality control challenge. Because of its unique properties, Mycoplasma poses many challenges for detection and management. Mycoplasma contamination can spread quickly, yet common…
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#CreepyCultures Agar Art Contest – 2020 Edition

Creepy Cultures

It’s 2020 and what a year it has been! It also marks the five-year anniversary of our annual Halloween-themed agar art contest known as #CreepyCultures. We’re looking forward to this year’s competition even more than previous years, in hopes that…
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Ask Tech Support: What Bacterium Grows In Cold Temperatures?

Question: What bacterium grows in cold temperatures? Answer: Try Arthrobacter psychrolactophilus ATCC® 700733™*, Microbiologics catalog # 0260.  This species, a psychotroph, grows at a chilly 5° C. According to Modern Food Microbiology by Jay et al., a psychrotroph is an organism that can…
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