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Dear Stanley: Thermotolerant Strains for Fecal Coliform Testing

Dear Stanley, Do you know of any Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae strains that will grow at 44.5°C? I need thermotolerant controls for my fecal coliform test. Angie from Rochester, NY Dear Angie, Microbiologics has a document that can help…
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Dear Stanley: Tips for Performing QC on ETEST® Strips

Dear Stanley, We recently purchased your KWIK-STIK™ product to perform quality control on new lots of ETEST® strips. Do you have any tips for setting up and reading an ETEST®? Mike from Philadelphia, PA Dear Mike, KWIK-STIK is the perfect…
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Dear Stanley: Advice on Performing Dilutions

Dear Stanley, I recently purchased Epower™ from Microbiologics and need to dilute it to lower concentrations for my tests. Do you have any advice on how to perform dilutions? Sincerely, Pam from Cleveland, Ohio Dear Pam, Thank you for purchasing…
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