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New PCPC Guideline for Investigating Microbial Data Deviations in Personal Care Labs

No matter how precise you are when setting up tests, occasionally errors occur resulting in unexpected outcomes. This is especially true for microbiology assays, which due to the nature of microorganisms, are subject to more variation than chemical assays. For…
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Environmental Isolate Case File: Pluralibacter gergoviae

Pluralibacter gergoviae can cause big headaches in cosmetic industry laboratories. It is an opportunistic pathogen that has repeatedly been isolated from personal care products. Most recently, this environmental isolate is the cause of a recall of involving flushable wipes. (6)…
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Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing: Keeping Consumers Safe

Everyone uses personal care products, and we expect the products we buy to be safe. Whether a manufacturer is producing shampoo or makeup, preservatives are used to maintain the quality and extend the shelf-life of the product. This post outlines why…
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