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Discover industry news, technical tips and advice, as well as fun and fascinating content microbiologists can relate to and learn from.

Share Your Microbiologics Story

You may have heard that 2021 marks 50 years of Microbiologics helping our customers and partners create confidence in science. We are endlessly grateful for the unsung laboratory heroes quietly and diligently working to create a safer, healthier world. We share with...

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50 Years of Microbiologics

Fifty years ago, Cleon (Guy) LeMont, a central Minnesota entrepreneur, opened a testing laboratory with a focus on detecting microbiological contamination in water, the environment, and food. Named Environmental Protection Laboratories, the company began making its...

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2019 Novel Coronavirus: What Microbiologists Need to Know

By Marylou Gibson, Ph.D. Background on 2019 Novel Coronavirus The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to spread within China (as of this posting date). Cases are spreading beyond Hubei province, and thousands of infected people have been reported in more than...

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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Microbiologists

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite microbiologist? We’ve hand-picked these 10 unique gift ideas that celebrate your loved one’s profession. 1. “I Play With Bacteria” Cell Phone Holder A cell phone holder for microbiologists! This fun design reads, “I play...

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Science

Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids is here, and it includes fun gift ideas to help spur curiosity and a love of science in your child. From LEGO’s to experimental kits, we’ve got your holiday list covered. 1. MEL Science Kit Subscription Give the joy of learning...

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Microbiologists

Microbiology Watercolor Prints from Etsy From board games to bacteria leggings, our list of holiday gift ideas has something for every microbiologist on your list.     Healing Blade Defenders of Soma: Infectious Disease Card Battle Two player card game that increases...

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Top 10 Microbiology Movies of All Time

From Contagion to World War Z, Hollywood has produced many entertaining microbiology and genetics-related movies. Some are scientifically accurate while others require you to ignore logic and just enjoy the show. So, which films are worth a watch? Our microbiologists...

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15 Science Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Learning about science shouldn’t be confined to the classroom. Bring the lab home this holiday season with these fun and fascinating gifts for kids. 1. Microscopes and Slides Introduce your child to the wonderful world of microbiology with a microscope kit. My First...

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