10 Science Experiments for Kids of All Ages

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Publish Date: March 15, 2018

It’s mid-March which means your kids are probably home on spring break and in need of activities to keep them occupied. Help them continue learning outside the classroom with these ten fun and educational science experiments.

1. Extract DNA from Strawberries

Want to teach your kids the basics of DNA and how scientists extract DNA from an organism? Buy some strawberries and give this experiment from Scientific American a try.

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2. Make Slime and Oobleck

In case you haven’t heard, slime is a big deal in the kid community. This video shows two basics ways to make slime.

Slime’s cousin, Oobleck, will also be a hit with your kids. Oobleck is a liquid whose viscosity changes depending on the pressure applied to it. Cool stuff. Learn more about this shape shifting substance.

3. Make Shaving Cream Rain (Rain in a Jar)

Show your kids the basics of how a rain cloud works with this simple experiment.

4. Have Fun with Eggs

These three egg experiments are easy, fun, and require ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards.

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5. Measure Wind Speed with a DIY Anemometer

This project requires many supplies and adult supervisor, but it’s worth the effort. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get your kids thinking about weather.

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6. Bake Sun S’mores

In this experiment, the innovators at NASA describe how to make a solar oven for a very important purpose: to make s’mores! We can’t think of a more delicious way to learn about solar energy.

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7. Harness the Power of Potatoes

Your kids will be blown away when they see how a humble potato can be transformed into a battery.

A simplified version of this experiment uses common household items to power a light bulb.

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8. Experiment with Magnets

Your kids can conduct four experiments by building a simple structure out of bamboo skewers, magnets, rubber bands, and yarn. This is an easy, inexpensive way to learn about magnetism.

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9. Create Elephant Toothpaste

Teach your kids about chemical reactions with this fun and super foamy experiment.

10. Conduct an Egg Drop Competition

The classic high school physics class challenge. This video shares five designs that will successfully protect the egg. Share the video with your kids after conducting the competition.

Looking for more ways to share your passion for science with your kids? Check out these 15 gifts every scientist-in-training will love.

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