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Dear Stanley: 2018 CLSI M100 Updates

Dear Stanley, CLSI M100 was updated this year. What are some of the biggest changes and how do they impact QC in my lab? Ruth from Chicago, IL Dear Ruth, Great question! In 2018, there were many changes to CLSI…
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5 Reasons to Avoid Maintaining Stock Cultures in Your Lab

Are you certain the reference stock cultures you use for quality control are identical to the reference cultures you originally purchased? A study performed by Cross, Russel and Desai examined working cultures from eight accredited microbial testing laboratories. Using fluorescent…
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How to Choose QC Strains for Microbial ID Systems

Quality control testing for microbial identification systems is an important step all laboratories should take to ensure accurate results. However, it can be difficult to decide which strains to use for QC.┬áIn this post, we will provide tips and resources…
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