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Dear Stanley: Why We Recommend Testing in Parallel for Growth Promotion

Dear Stanley, When performing growth promotion with Microbiologics products, do you recommend testing in parallel with a previously approved media? The USP, EP, and JP don’t require testing in parallel. They only state “Test each batch of ready-prepared medium and…
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What Auditors are Looking for in Food Microbiology Labs

Audits are a fact of life for ISO 17025 food laboratories. Being prepared for an audit is important, but you may not know exactly what auditors are looking for when they review your microbial QC practices. We’ve compiled a list…
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11 Pour Plate Method Best Practices

The pour plate method is an economical way for pharmaceutical, contract and even food laboratories to perform tests focused on a specific number of bacteria. The process may seem simple (melt, pipette, pour, swirl, incubate), but errors have been known…
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