COVID-19 and Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing

I think by now it is safe to say that we are truly living in unprecedented times with the current Coronavirus pandemic. The majority of us have never experienced anything even remotely similar to this in our lives before. If…
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SARS-C0V-2 Tests & Their Targets

SARS-CoV-2 Gene Targets

By Marylou Gibson, Ph.D Adapted from a post that originally appeared on LinkedIn. Of the more than 55 RT-PCR Test kits or assays currently available under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) by the FDA, few target the same genes. Many more…
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Importance of Testing a Positive Control When Performing a Diagnostic Assay

Positive controls are critical for ensuring diagnostic accuracy. This post examines reasons why positive controls are necessary, even during emergency situations.

Clinical Lab Best Practices: A Practical Guide to Acing Your Next Inspection

We’ve teamed up with experienced CAP auditor, Joslyn Pribble, to help clinical labs navigate CAP and COLA/CMS/CLIA requirements. Through a series of webinars and blog posts, we’re aiming to provide you with lab best practices so you can ace your…
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Clinical Case File Results: Persistent Dysuria

Last week we shared the Clinical Case File of a patient with persistent dysuria and asked our readers to determine the cause of the symptom. Here are the poll results: Adenovirus (4%, 7 Votes) Herpes simplex virus (9%, 21 Votes)…
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Clinical Case File: Persistent Dysuria

Read the case study below and then use your microbiology expertise to determine which pathogen is causing the symptoms. The results will be shared on August 1, 2019. Good luck! Background: Determining which sexually transmitted infection (STI) is causing uncomfortable…
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Tips for Choosing and Using Microorganisms for Education

In 2016, two biologists from Indiana University estimated that there are about a trillion species of bacteria on earth.1 With so many choices, how can a teacher select the best strains for her microbiology class? Below are a few tips…
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Ask a CAP Inspector: How Frequently Should Molecular Targets Be Rotated?

Q: How frequently should I test targets for my molecular multiplex testing assays? A: This is a common question for inspectors, vendors, and laboratorians. Unfortunately, there are no cut-and-dried answers, but there are some best practices that you can apply…
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