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What Happens When Laboratory Tests Fail?

The Critical Role of QC in Every Stage of Assay Development and Usage For anyone of us involved in medical laboratory or public health laboratory testing, we understand the critical importance of clinical quality control (QC). With the ongoing fallout…
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Ask a CAP Inspector: How Frequently Should Molecular Targets Be Rotated?

Q: How frequently should I test targets for my molecular multiplex testing assays? A: This is a common question for inspectors, vendors, and laboratorians. Unfortunately, there are no cut-and-dried answers, but there are some best practices that you can apply…
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Dear Stanley: Assayed vs Unassayed Molecular Controls

Dear Stanley, I’m completely confused about the terms “assayed” and “unassayed” in relation to controls for molecular diagnostic instruments. Does “unassayed” mean the manufacturer of the control hasn’t tested the products? Can you shed some light on what these terms…
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