Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Microbiologists

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Publish Date: December 12, 2019

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite microbiologist? We’ve hand-picked these 10 unique gift ideas that celebrate your loved one’s profession.

1. “I Play With Bacteria” Cell Phone Holder

A cell phone holder for microbiologists! This fun design reads, “I play with bacteria.” Expand and collapse the stand to provide secure calling, texting, video watching, and photo taking.

2. Viral Board Game

In this unique game, players take the role of viruses competing for control of organs in a human body. Through mutation cards, players can change the behavior of their viruses and develop a strategy.

Viral Board Game

3. Human Cell Organelles Cookie Cutters

Spread holiday cheer with these creative cookie cutters. Designs include three human cell organelles including, Golgi Apparatus, Nucleus, and Endoplasmic Reticulum.

4. Anatomy Coloring Book

Enjoy exploring anatomy with Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book. Have fun coloring arteries, veins, and nerves throughout the human body.

5. Biology Crew Socks

Show off your loved one’s interest in biology and organisms with these stylish pattern socks.

6. World’s Best Microbiologist Apron

Have a microbiologist on your holiday list that loves to grill? Give them the World’s Best Microbiologist apron.

7. Periodic Table Cutting Board

Combine the World’s Best Microbiologist apron gift with this periodic table cutting board. This laser engraved cutting board is available in maple, walnut, and bamboo.

U-Shaped Microorganism Neck Pillow

8. Funny Biology Tumbler

Help a microbiologist keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold with this funny Tumbler that says, “It Might Look Like I’m Doing Nothing, But at the Cellular Level I’m Quite Busy.”

9. Chemistry Shot Glasses

These set of four science beaker shot glasses are perfect for bringing out an inner chemist.

10. U-Shaped Microorganism Neck Pillow

Available in multiple patterns, these u-shaped neck pillows feature different microorganisms. Use the neck pillow for optimal neck and shoulder support while traveling, reading or working at the office.

Looking for gifts for a little scientist? Read our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Science.

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