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Back To Basics: Best Practices for Plating Techniques used with Growth Promotion Testing


When performing Growth Promotion on new batches of media, one of three plating techniques can be used: Spread Plate, Pour Plate, or Membrane Filtration. Each method aids in enumeration of the cells in the inoculum, but each is different in…
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Legionella Testing of Water Systems is Crucial as Schools Reopen

Water Testing in Schools

We’re in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic and now back-to-school time is upon us. For some that means resuming in-person learning, whether it be full or part-time. Parents, students and school staff are all feeling a mixture of…
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2019 #CreepyCultures Winners

The 2019 #CreepyCultures results are in! It wasn’t easy choosing only a few winners and honorable mentions out of all the truly creepy agar art you submitted this year. Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions, and thank you to…
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#CreepyCultures 2019 is Here!

Halloween is once again upon us and #CreepyCultures is back! Your intricate microbe illustrations left us in awe last year. We can’t wait to see what you conjure up for 2019! Unleash your creative side and send us your creepiest,…
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8 Aerobic Plate Count Best Practices

Several factors can influence the accuracy of aerobic plate counts used to estimate the number of microorganisms in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and household products.  Below are a few best practices we recommend for achieving consistent and accurate counts. 1.  Ensure…
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9 Gram Staining Best Practices

Gram staining is an important procedure all microbiologists should master. A laboratorian performs a Gram stain for many reasons – from screening the quality of a sputum sample to rapid presumptive diagnosis of an illness like bacterial meningitis. How to…
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Tips for Choosing and Using Microorganisms for Education

In 2016, two biologists from Indiana University estimated that there are about a trillion species of bacteria on earth.1 With so many choices, how can a teacher select the best strains for her microbiology class? Below are a few tips…
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Dear Stanley: Thermotolerant Strains for Fecal Coliform Testing

Dear Stanley, Do you know of any Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae strains that will grow at 44.5°C? I need thermotolerant controls for my fecal coliform test. Angie from Rochester, NY Dear Angie, Microbiologics has a document that can help…
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Growth Promotion Test Quiz

Microbiologics offers four unique QC microorganism products designed specifically for GPT that provide 10-100 CFU per 0.1 ml of hydrated suspension as required by USP guidelines. Learn more. Visit our website for helpful technical documents and instructional videos including a step-by-step tutorial on how…
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