Microbe March Madness: Competition Updates

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Publish Date: March 8, 2022

The most anticipated microbial competition is finally here! After months of training, the elite eight microbes are ready to face-off!

Follow along for the complete 2022 Microbe March Madness tournament updates and results below.

Championship Winners: Who can withstand the heat?


It was a close competition, but the Serratia Serpents emerged victorious from the heat!

Don’t be discouraged if your team did not win the Championship trophy, maybe your team won the MVP! This year’s MVP team is the Streptococcus Stingrays, responsible for largest zone of beta-hemolysis on Sheep’s blood agar! For additional details on the criteria for MVP testing see our blog, Microbe March Madness Is Back!

This year’s 2022 Microbe March Madness would not have been possible without our fantastic Technical Support Team, including Mackenzie F (Technical Support Scientist II) and Angie E (Technical Support Scientist I). Mackenzie and Angie spent many hours in the lab completing the testing that revealed our 2022 Microbe March Madness Champion and MVP. Thank you for all your time, dedication, and expertise, Mackenzie and Angie!

Thank you to all that participated in our 2022 Microbe March Madness Event!

Championship Face-off: Who can withstand the heat?


The two hardiest strains proved their strong conditioning in the anaerobic conditions, but who can withstand the heat?! Organisms will faceoff to see who can survive growth at an elevated temperature of 43-47°C. For additional details on the logistics of the third round of testing see our blog, Microbe March Madness Is Back!

The strain that best survives the heat, defined by the most growth across quadrants, will be named the 2022 Microbe March Madness champion.

Semi-final Winners: Conditioning


The results are in! The competition was fierce, but two strains emerged victorious in the tough anaerobic atmosphere.

The E. coli Eagles proved well-conditioned in the anaerobic conditions and are onto the championship match up!

The Serratia Serpents won their semi-final matchup and are on to the championship. They will face the E. coli Eagles to see who the Microbe March Madness Champion will be.

Semi-final Face-offs: Conditioning


The microbes are gearing up for the toughest conditions for competition yet this season. All four semi-final contestants will be subject to an anaerobic atmosphere. Who will prove to be the most resilient? For additional details on the logistics of the second round of testing see our blog, Microbe March Madness Is Back!

In the first semi-final matchup, the E. coli Eagles face their toughest competitor yet—the Listeria Lions.

In the second semi-final matchup of the season, the Klebsiella Kangaroos also face off against a resilient competitor, the Serratia Serpents.

Elite Eight Winners: Tryouts


The results are in! All microbes put up a good competition, but only four teams moved on to the next round!

In the first match-up, the E. coli Eagles defeated the Ochrobactrum Octopi.

Next up, the Listeria Lions won against the Kocuria Cougars.

On the other side of the bracket, the Klebsiella Kangaroos defeated the Hafnia Hippos.

In the last face-off of the Elite Eight, the Serratia Serpents defeated the Streptococcus Stingrays.

These strains will need to recover before they gear up for the next round. In the second round, these organisms will be subject to anaerobic conditions to see who is the most resilient in this challenging atmosphere. For additional details on the logistics of the second round of testing see our blog, Microbe March Madness Is Back!

Elite Eight Face-offs: Tryouts


The 2022 Microbe March Madness tournament starts with the Elite Eight microbes facing off in a true head-to-head competition. Each strain’s ability to survive in a mixed culture is tested by applying the theory of competitive inhibition. For additional details on the logistics of the first round of testing see our blog, Microbe March Madness Is Back!

The first match-up features the E. coli Eagles taking on the Ochrobactrum Octopi.

Next up, we have the Listeria Lions facing off against the Kocuria Cougars.

On the other side of the bracket, the Klebsiella Kangaroos are competing against the Hafnia Hippos.

The final match up for the first round of the 2022 Microbe March Madness features the Streptococcus Stingrays against the Serratia Serpents.

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  3. Follow us on social media to see the results, starting with Round 1 on Thursday, March 10. Use #MicrobeMarchMadness to follow the competition and share your bracket and photos as you participate. Everyone who submits an agar plate photo of your champion microbe will be entered for a grand prize drawing. The champion bacterium will be announced on Thursday, March 31.

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