Dear Stanley: A New Advice Column for Microbiologists

Is something small bugging you? Stanley Staphylococcus can help! We’re excited to introduce a new monthly advice column, Dear Stanley, where our favorite blog readers can get some guidance for their microbiology-related quandaries. You can submit any questions you have about bacteria, viruses, or parasites to our resident expert and master Micro-Technologist, Stanley Staphylococcus.

Stanley has experience in clinical, pharmaceutical, food and water laboratories and has worked in both traditional and molecular microbiology labs.  He loves anything small – especially bacteria, viruses or parasites.  Examples of questions Stanley can help you with include:

  • Why is my Campylobacter not growing?
  • How can I maintain my Haemophilus?
  • Do you have any tips or tricks for growth promotion testing?
  • How do I perform serial dilutions?
  • How can I get to know the cute technician in R&D?

How to Submit Inquiries

There are two ways to get Stanley’s help. You can email your questions to or you can simply submit an inquiry from our Dear Stanley page. For urgent issues, please contact our awesome Technical Support Team at or 1.320.229.7045.

About Stanley

Stanley Staphylococcus is a Master Micro-Technologist at Microbiologics, where he is responsible for helping customers understand why microorganisms behave the way they do. You could say he’s somewhat of a psychologist. Microbiologics has been lucky to have Stanley, a graduate of Gram-Positive Cocci University, as a member of their renowned Technical Support Team for over 20 years. Stanley says his favorite type of people are microbiologists and he enjoys traveling far and wide to meet them. Amazingly, Stanley has been on every continent – even Antarctica!


  1. Nicolina

    What fun! Will this blog be avaliable in your newsletter for all to read?

    1. mmMicrobiologics

      Hi Nicolina – We no longer share monthly newsletters. Instead you can receive a monthly blog recap via email by subscribing to the Microbiologics blog. If Stanley shares some advice, it will be included in these recap emails.


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