Put Your Best Plate Forward – #CreepyCultures is Back!

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Publish Date: October 4, 2018

Our favorite time of the year is finally here – #CreepyCulture is back! You created some exceptionally eerie agar art in the past, and we can’t wait to see what you conjure up this year!

Unleash your creative side and send us your creepiest, crawliest Halloween-themed agar art by Friday, October 19, 2018, for a chance to win awesome prizes including Microbiologics swag bags and Visa gift cards.

How the contest works:

Create Halloween-themed agar art using your favorite microorganisms and agar. Share an image of your art with us by Friday, October 19, 2018. Winning plates will be chosen by Microbiologics employees.

For extra creepy cultures, use our UV-BioTAG™ strains (GFP tagged microorganisms) to make your design glow like the plate shown above, designed by our Research and Development Scientist, Dr. Karla Fjeld.

Two ways to submit your agar art:

  1. Use the form below to upload your image
  2. Share your image on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter by tagging Microbiologics and using #CreepyCultures

We will announce the winners and share all submissions Thursday, October 25, 2018, on the Microbiologics Blog and our FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our past winners:



Good luck and happy Halloween!

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  1. Maria Curry

    The human body is full of lovely “bugs”

  2. Rosimary Mattos

    C.albicans on TSA

  3. Melody Toosky

    Even ghosts are afraid of AMR pathogens! E. coli on LB agar.

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