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Love and Science Trivia Game

Bacillus is a rod, C. diff is too, we love microbiology and so do you. This Valentine’s Day people all over the world will be showering their loved ones with flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. We’re showing love for our readers by…
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Ask Tech Support: What Bacterium Grows In Cold Temperatures?

Question: What bacterium grows in cold temperatures? Answer: Try Arthrobacter psychrolactophilus ATCC® 700733™*, Microbiologics catalog # 0260.  This species, a psychotroph, grows at a chilly 5° C. According to Modern Food Microbiology by Jay et al., a psychrotroph is an organism that can…
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Methods for Growth Success: Aerobic Microorganisms

When growing microorganisms, several conditions must be considered to ensure successful results including correct temperatures and pH, adequate moisture and sufficient nutrients (carbon and nitrogen). Even experienced microbiologists can run into growth issues with finicky microorganisms. With this in mind, we have created a…
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