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Jane Johnson has been with the Microbiologics Technical Support Team since March 2015. Jane has 23 years of experience working in food microbiology as well as previous experience in medical and clinical microbiology. In addition to this experience, Jane previously worked for Microbiologics in Quality Control and Customer/Technical Support. Jane carries a degree in medical technology from the Medical Institute of Minnesota.

Your Spring Cleaning Hit List

Is spring cleaning on your agenda this April? You might be asking, “Who has time for that?” or “Is that even a thing anymore?” Even if you do not perform the traditional spring cleaning ritual, you may want to consider…
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A Valentine’s Day Ode to Ella (the Infamous Salmonella)

There once was a little bacilli named Ella, who was of the genus (the infamous!) Salmonella. She lived in the earth on a hot, humid farm, in the shade of a cocoa tree, where she inflicted no harm.   Ella…
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Norovirus: The Notorious Virus

The average soccer ball is about 1.6 million times bigger than a grain of sand. A grain of sand is about a million times bigger than a single bacterial cell, and a single bacterial cell can be 40 to 100…
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Methods for Growth Success: Carbon Dioxide Dependent Microorganisms

When growing microorganisms, several conditions including incubation time, temperature, pH, adequate moisture and sufficient nutrients (such as carbon and nitrogen) must be considered to ensure successful results. Even experienced microbiologists can run into growth issues with finicky microorganisms. With this in mind, we have…
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