Get Ready for Halloween with #CreepyCultures

What a great year for our #CreepyCultures contest! This year our readers created the most spooktacular agar art to date. Choosing only a few winners and honorable mentions was no easy feat!

Winners: Honorable Mentions:
  • Erin T.
  • Fey S.
  • Karina K.
  • Kristina M.
  • Laura P.
  • Teresa S.
  • Violet V.
  • Alex L.
  • Brianna B.
  • Diane R.
  • Janice N.
  • Jason M.
  • Lauren R.

Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions, and thank you to everyone who participated! View all the plates submitted by using the arrow to scroll through the slide show below.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Ted U.

    Very talented bunch! Very impressed!

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