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9 Tips for Growth Promotion Testing on Selective Media

The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) created quite the challenge when it designed the growth promotion test (GPT) for selective media. Laboratories not only need to test new batches of media with less than 100 colony-forming units (CFU), the colonies must also…
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7 Reasons Why Your Lab Should Perform Growth Promotion Testing

Growth Promotion Test (GPT) – this combination of words might make you wince, but the test is essential for labs following pharmacopeia guidelines. GPT is more challenging than a qualitative or ecometric test. It is deemed successful if a small…
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Top 10 Tips for Growth Promotion Testing

The Growth Promotion Test can be a hassle, but it is necessary for determining if a new batch of media is acceptable. Use our top 10 tips for achieving Growth Promotion success with Microbiologics products to make your testing process as…
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