Vector-borne Quiz


  1. Carol Chung

    I hope to have learnt something from this quiz.

    1. Summiya Nizamuddin

      I’m sorry but for some reason, the quiz wont download despite repeated attempts. Could you repost this

      1. mmMicrobiologics (Post author)

        Sorry to hear you’re having issues accessing the quiz! The quiz appears to be working correctly. There may be an issue with your web browser or it may be blocked by your server.

  2. john burrell

    great website and info/quizs

  3. S. R. Stocker

    Vaccine HAS been developed and is in use for WNV. Granted, it is for equine use but the question didn’t specify “for human use.”

    1. mmMicrobiologics (Post author)

      Good point! We updated the question to specify “for human use.”

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