Growth Promotion Test Quiz

How well do you know the Growth Promotion Test (GPT)? Take our GPT quiz to test your knowledge and maybe even learn something new.

Good luck!

Media should be inoculated with how many CFU?
Which organization(s) publish GPT guidelines? Select all that apply.
The CFU value of the standardized inoculum can be determined by counting the number of colonies on the previously approved batch of agar.
Why should GPT be performed?
Similar growth should be expected on selective and non-selective agar.
What is the maximum number of passages the culture can be from the reference culture?
Laboratories perform the Growth Promotion Test to determine if media is suitable for recovering small numbers of microorganisms.
When should the Growth Promotion Test (GPT) be performed on media?
What is the acceptance criteria for non-selective agar?
What is the acceptance criteria for selective agar?

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  1. Liz Coffee

    Great quiz for a basic comprehensive knowledge of GPT and a fantastic tool for education and training. Thank you for putting this together!

  2. Candy

    I do not remember what is GPT. Took the test and did ok. Nonetheless, awesome way to engage people who enjoy a challenge and learning! Thanks again.


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