Environmental Isolate Case Files: Serratia marcescens

In 1950, a United States Navy ship spent six days spraying Serratia marcescens into the air two miles off the coast of San Francisco. The spraying was part of a biological weapon test called Operation Sea Spray. Prior to the…
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Microorganisms of Yellowstone National Park

Every year millions of visitors experience the unique beauty (and smell) of the more than 10,000 hot springs, mudpots, fumaroles (steam vents), travertine terraces and geysers at Yellowstone National Park. These hydrothermal features are home to hardy thermophilic bacteria which thrive…
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Environmental Isolate Case Files: Listeria monocytogenes

Ubiquitous in nature, Listeria monocytogenes can be found in many contamination sources making it difficult to eliminate from food processing facilities. Characteristics, such as the ability to grow at refrigerator temperatures, form biofilms, thrive in moist conditions, and remain viable in high…
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Methods for Growth Success: Microaerophiles

When growing microorganisms, several conditions including incubation time, temperature, pH, adequate moisture and sufficient nutrients (such as carbon and nitrogen) must be considered to ensure successful results. Even experienced microbiologists can run into growth issues with finicky microorganisms. With this in mind, we have…
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Spring Time Trivia!

Spring is in full swing. We’re celebrating the warm weather by sharing another fun trivia game with our readers. Take the quiz to test your microbiology knowledge, and challenge your co-workers and friends. Good luck!

Surprising and Interesting Facts about Water

Water is our most precious resource, supporting all life on Earth. In celebration of National Water Safety Month, we have compiled a list of surprising and interesting facts about the miraculous chemical compound known as H20. For example, did you know one acre…
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Bucket List for Microbiologists

Microbiologists are inquisitive, adventurous and have an appreciation for life (especially at the microscopic level). With this in mind, we created a bucket list just for all you microbe-lovers. Our list includes beautiful phenomenons, historic sites, and something a little gross……
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Environmental Isolate Case Files: Ralstonia pickettii

If your manufacturing processes utilize purified water or highly purified water, Ralstonia pickettii should be on your list of microorganisms to control. In fact, it has become a microorganism of concern to sterile drug manufacturers because it is capable of passing through…
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Microorganisms and Man’s Best Friend

It’s the American Veterinary Medical Association National Pet Week®! As pet lovers and microbiologists, this got us thinking about the different types of diseases that can make our furry friends sick. For this blog post, we have compiled a list…
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Why Do You Love Working in a Lab – Your Responses

Happy Medical Laboratory Professional Week! Last week we asked why you love working in a laboratory. We’ve been blown away by all the inspiring and funny stories and photos we received. Microbiologists sure are a creative bunch! Scroll through the slideshow…
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