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Stanley Staphylococcus is a Master Micro-Technologist at Microbiologics, where he is responsible for helping customers understand why microorganisms behave the way they do. You could say he’s somewhat of a psychologist. Microbiologics has been lucky to have Stanley, a graduate of Littleton University, as a member of their renowned Technical Support Team for over 20 years. Stanley says his favorite type of people are microbiologists and he enjoys traveling far and wide to meet them. Amazingly, Stanley has been on every continent except Antarctica.

Dear Stanley: Differences Between Atmospheres for Microorganism Growth

Dear Stanley, I want to make sure I’m using the right atmosphere to get good growth of my microorganisms. Can you explain the differences between aerobic, anaerobic, microaerophilic, and capnophilic atmospheres for microorganism growth? Beth from Salt Lake City, UT Dear…
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Dear Stanley: 2018 CLSI M100 Updates

Dear Stanley, CLSI M100 was updated this year. What are some of the biggest changes and how do they impact QC in my lab? Ruth from Chicago, IL Dear Ruth, Great question! In 2018, there were many changes to CLSI…
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Dear Stanley: Differences Between Synthetic and Inactivated Molecular Standards

Dear Stanley, What are the differences between inactivated and synthetic molecular standards?  I see that Microbiologics offers both types of standards, and I’d like some help determining which is best for my lab. MaryLou from Atlanta, GA Dear MaryLou, This is…
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Dear Stanley: Tips for Performing QC on ETEST® Strips

Dear Stanley, We recently purchased your KWIK-STIK™ product to perform quality control on new lots of ETEST® strips. Do you have any tips for setting up and reading an ETEST®? Mike from Philadelphia, PA Dear Mike, KWIK-STIK is the perfect…
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Dear Stanley: A New Advice Column for Microbiologists

Is something small bugging you? Stanley Staphylococcus can help! We’re excited to introduce a new monthly advice column, Dear Stanley, where our favorite blog readers can get some guidance for their microbiology-related quandaries. You can submit any questions you have…
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